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Yan Girls from Armenia standing in the centre of the picture

Yan Girls Represent Armenia at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023

Armenia’s selected its entry for the 21st Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which takes place in Nice, France this year. It’s Yan Girls, who’ll perform their song “Do It My Way”.


Yan Girls were chosen internally to represent Armenia although there were some doubts among the Armenians whether they should take part in this year’s Junior Eurovision due to the tense situation in Nagorno-Karabakh and the refugee crisis.

“Do It My Way”

The song was composed by Tokionine and the lyrics were written by Maléna (JESC 2021 Winner) and Vahram Petrosyan – the same team created the JESC 2021 winning song “Qami Qami”.

What do we know about Yan Girls?

The band consists of Aida, Kamilla, Nancy, Nané and Syuzana. They’re keen on  K-pop and want to bring these sounds to the Junior Eurovision stage.

Yan Girls sing about how important is to stay true to yourself, be self-confident and do things in the best way.

Aida’s nine years old and she loves singing and dancing. Her favourite music genres are K-pop and hip-hop. In her free time, she loves surfing.

Kamilla Davtyan’s eleven years old. She loves playing the piano and the drums as well as singing. She started doing this at the age of four. She also loves games and puzzles. Her favourite music genres are classical and contemporary pop music.

Nancy Mnatsakanyan’s also eleven years old. She loves singing and painting. Her favourite music genre is pop. Her biggest dream was to represent Armenia in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Nané Andreasyan’s eleven years old as well. She loves singing, dancing and posing in front of the camera. In her free time Nané likes painting.

Syuzanna Nikoyan’s ten years old. She enjoys singing, dancing, playing the piano and practices artistic gymnastics. Her dog’s the first to listen to her songs and it’s her best friend.

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