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My Personal Summary of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022 Song by Song

  • The Netherlands – Luna – “La Festa”

Luna’s performance was my number one before the show. Unfortunately, it came as a kind of disappointment because it lacked that energy I knew from the video clip and the national performance. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the fact that Luna was out of breath at times which I understand when such a young artist moves so much and the song is that quick but it doesn’t change the fact that the outcome wasn’t the best.

  • Poland – Laura – “To the Moon”

Number two in the running order is said to be the worst that doesn’t help in finishing high in the final ranking. But as the history shows a victory starting second is possible in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest (Croatia – 2003). Laura’s performance was positive. Vocally as expected. The visual aspect was much better than expected; a lot of smoke that produces this universe like atmosphere. Dancers with light balls in silver uniforms – everything looked so ‘tasty’.

  • Kazakhstan – David Charlin– “Jer-Ana” (Жер-Ана)

Unfortunately, it’s another disappointment in comparison to the video clip from before the final show. Starting with the unfortunate hairstyle that made the boy look awkward and much older as if in another body (probably, I can see the idea behind it but the outcome is not the best). I like the verses/stanzas but the chorus wasn’t vocally the best. I don’t know how to explain that – maybe due to the stress or just the key wasn’t right for David.

  • Malta – Gaia Gambuzza – “Diamonds in the Skies”

This song was outside my Top 10 before the show. For me, it lacked something except for that repeated ‘melody’ – beat that was quite catchy. And on stage it worked even better than in the video clip being a nice catchy song still with stanzas to be improved. But generally a positive kind of surprise (still outside my Top 10, imho).

  • Italy – Chanel Dilecta – “Bla Bla Bla”

I was not a great fan of this song and still I am not. The most interesting and to be remembered was one of the dancers who made moves with his hands being on his knees on stage perfectly choreographed with the music. ?

  • France – Lissandro – “Oh maman!”

For me, it’s a positive surprise although it was and still is outside my Top 10. When I heard the song on stage, I knew it was going to be high in the final jury ranking but to be honest, I didn’t expect it to be a winning entry. Some people criticize the vocals but let’s remember that Lissandro is only 13 years old and he was extremely active on stage with a lot of moves which must have influenced his vocals in a way but still I have to admit that it was a powerful performance.

  • Albania – Kejtlin Gjata – “Pakëz Diell”

Albania was in my Top 10 and still remains there. A static but very good performance. Some people criticize Kejtlin’s way of singing as being ‘forced’ and being only a head voice but I do appreciate that she was in tune, worked hard and was so concentrated and precise in creating particular sounds.

  • Georgia – Mariam Bigvava – “I Believe”

I knew it was a good song but on stage it came out to be even better. Very strong mature vocals supported during the chorus by adult vocalists that maybe should be avoided in the contest for children. All in all, a very strong entry, full of energy – when I heard it live on stage, I immediately got a boost of energy after the Albanian entry. To be honest, I thought it would be number one in the jury voting – came second. In my opinion, this song could be successfully presented in the Adult Eurovision Song Contest.

  • Ireland – Sophie Lennon – “Solas”

A very delicate but at the same time strong ballad. Sophie seems to be such a self-aware artist with great vocals and great presence on stage; a well-deserved fourth place. I am only wondering if such a young artist should wear such strong lipstick, which yes, after the performance was much more delicate. And as a plus, it must be noticed that the song was in the Irish language although it could be in English as well. In my opinion, this song could be successfully presented in the Adult Eurovision Song Contest.

  • North Macedonia – Lara feat. Jovan and Irina – “Životot e pred mene” (Животот е пред мене)

It was outside my Top 10 and it remains there. Unfortunately, it is imho the weakest composition. Of course the artist and all the dancers were doing their best on stage and congratulations for that but this was just a weak composition in comparison with other entries.

  • Spain – Carlos Higes – “Señorita”

A good composition. More or less catchy at certain stages of the song. But still I have an impression that I liked more the video clip version than the live one on stage. Still a good performance in which Carlos had an opportunity to show his dancing skills.

  • The United Kingdom – Freya Skye – “Lose My Head”

This seemed to be the joker in the pack, a kind of wild card as Freya didn’t perform live in the jury rehearsal. It came out very good on stage, a catchy but ambitious British song well-performed – pretty similar to the video clip with a good connection with the audience where Freya encouraged the crowd to be involved. Some people criticize the vocals but let’s remember that she was sick even a day before. The only thing that makes me ask questions is why those high notes sung in the video clip here on stage were sung by the backing vocalists. In my opinion, this song could be successfully presented in the Adult Eurovision Song Contest.

  • Portugal – Nicolas Alves – “Anos 70”

A song that stands out from all other songs. A rock song performed by Nicolas who seems to already be a rock star. He appears to be a very experienced young artist who feels very confident on stage. It was and still is in my Top 10.

  • Serbia – Katarina Savić – “Svet bez granica” (Свет без граница)

This was probably the biggest positive surprise. It was outside my Top 10 but definitely the live performance grabbed my attention and Katarina’s live vocals were just very good and well-controlled.

  • Armenia – Nare – “Dance!”

A very good starting position – the penultimate number drawn before the contest. This entry was seen by many to repeat the Polish Junior Eurovision history that is to win for the second consecutive time but it wasn’t meant to be. Armenia finished second. A good song with kind of disco vibe. There are parts of the song which I like more and those that I like less and chorus definitely belongs to the second category. Some of the dancers seemed to be behind the rhythm of the song but maybe it’s only a kind of impression due to the fact that we watched that show broadcast not live. Still a good performance.

  • Ukraine – Zlata Dziunka – “Nezlamna” (Незламна)

It wasn’t my favourite ballad this year (outside my Top 10). Very good vocals though and pretty mature performance but this song was too ‘heavy’ both for the artist and the contest. However, one cannot deny that it was just a decent performance. And the Ukrainian entry seemed to be evaluated and ranked objectively and justly, and that’s a great plus.

What are your impressions? Do you agree with my feedback? Let us know in the comments below. Thank you. ?



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