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Luna From Netherlands With “La Festa” to Win JESC2022?

In this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest the Netherlands is represented by Luna who will sing “La Festa”. She is predicted by many to win the whole Contest. Why? Read this article to find out.

Have you seen Luna’s Junior Eurovision 2022 performance from the Dutch National Selection Final? Have you seen the official music video? If yes, in this material I’ll share with you my comments, and tell me if you agree and have the same opinion or you disagree, so stay with me and watch the video. If you didn’t see that performance and video, stay with me and watch my video as well because we can find out how Luna’s coping with singing live and performing.

The Dutch performance comes from the National Selection. And what is significant here is that the Netherlands is the only country which took part in every edition of the  Junior Eurovision Song Contest since the very beginning that is 2003.

Is this entry going to be successful? Is it going to be a winning song? Let’s find out.

A very nice delicate introduction with this kind of party vibe. And it develops into something stronger.

Delicate voice.  And it gets stronger and stronger. It’s sung in Dutch. And so far there has been a rule that up to 40% of the song can be performed in a different language, I mean a non-native language, and usually it is English. The song follows the rules as for the linguistic aspect.

It is like a radio song.

And the title itself “La Festa” pretty close to teenagers’ lifestyle. Maybe nowadays the Spanish language seems to be even more popular among teenagers but Italy and its language are definitely associated with great fun. And yes, we all need some fun and positive vibes especially nowadays in these rather hard times.

And then in the chorus the language changes into English with this even more optimistic vibe and with that positive message which is just having fun.

A catchy melody.

There’s one important factor to be mentioned that Luna in the National Selection won both the professional jury voting and the kids jury voting as well as the online voting.  For the last time such a situation took place in the Netherlands in 2009 and then they won the JESC. Maybe it’s time for them to win again. So will the history repeat itself? We’ll see. ?

Leave a comment and tell me if you like the song.

She’s just 12 years old. And from what we could see in the National Selection live performance she is bound to cope with all the emotions and stress. I do believe she’ll do that in the best possible way, won’t she?

Well, three things have to be combined together: a very good song, great vocals live and staging as well. And I think that we have them all here well combined.

Now let’s watch an excerpt of the official video clip. And yes, a part of it is made outdoors in a kind of park. The video clip shows a lot of nature so there’s this ecological approach (I’m wondering if this aspect will be included in the final version of staging). Green outfits. We’ll see if in Armenia the performance will be similar to the one from the National Selection.

This eco element presumably helped Poland win in 2019.

Well the video clip and live performance with that table ready for partying just remind me of another Adult Eurovision Dutch song from 2010 (Sieneke).

Once again very good choreography that for sure will be enjoyed by the young audience as a lot of teenagers like this kind of activity. And hopefully Luna and her dancers will be able to reproduce that in Yerevan during the most important performance.

And we have here a kind of bridge similar to SloMo from the Adult Eurovision – so this might be a SloMo version for juniors. ?

I was thinking before about the live performance ‘cos we can hear in the video clip a sort of playback version and there’s so much movement here that it might be difficult to sing well (although the junior singers are ‘supported’ in a way with their vocals, they still have to sing live, don’t they?).

And after watching the live performance, we might say, yes, this girl can definitely sing. And she’s rather not out of breath. Well done. Of course someone with absolute pitch, perfect pitch could hear some stuff to be made even better but let’s remember that this is live and emotions as well as stress can play their role, especially in the case of such young artists, because we can call these children like that, can’t we?

She can be delicate with her voice and strong, singing high and low notes quite well. Congrats!

Great backing vocals as well by teenagers and this is important.

The dancers on stage are also multicultural which is a plus showing diversity (similarly to Poland in 2019).

So this is definitely a potential winner. Luna is such a great performer. And has so much energy on stage.

And, yes,  referring to the lyrics of the song, yes, I do I enjoy la festa a lot. ? And Luna will throw a party in Yerevan that is doomed to success.

There are 16 participants. Will we witness the Dutch victory this year?

The slogan for the JESC 2022 is “Spin the Magic.  Does this song spin your magic?

In the end, I can only say once again: Well done, Luna! Congratulations, Netherlands!

Let’s hear it for Luna and the whole team!


And again thank you for emotions which carry weight, I assume, not only for the young audience.

I do believe her talent will carry Luna a long way.


Photo and video: YouTube

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