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Laura With “To the Moon” for Poland in JESC2022

Have you seen Laura’s Junior Eurovision 2022 performance from the Polish National Selection Final? Have you seen the official music video with a revamped version of the song? If yes, in the video below and in this article I’ll share with you my comments, and tell me if you agree and have the same opinion or you disagree, so stay with me and watch the video. If you didn’t see that performance and video, stay with me and watch my video as well because we can find out how Laura’s coping with singing live and performing.

Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022 | Laura – “To the Moon” – Poland | Reaction/Comment

The Polish performance was recorded at the TVP studio in the talent show called “Szansa na Sukces” (English: A Chance to Succeed).

Is this entry going to be successful? Is it going to be a winning song? Let’s find out.

A nice intro. Beat. Radio like song but also a bit kind of club music. Modern contemporary style.

Delicate voice. And it builds up stronger and stronger. Turning then into Polish. So far there has been a rule that up to 40% of the song can be presented in a non-native language according to the rules.

An optimistic message especially in the revamped version – phrases: “dream big” or “sky will be the limit” which definitely refers to the phrase: “the sky’s the limit” which seems so important especially in the case of young people who are just to start chasing their dreams.

The delicate bridge with falsetto. Although her voice doesn’t have much volume at this stage, she has got wonderful quality and tone. Great vibrato as for such a young person.

She’s just 11 years old. And hopefully she will cope with all the emotions and stress. No, I am sure she’ll do that because she’s ready for that, isn’t she?

The lyrics are in the background like in karaoke but this is the basic idea of this show “Szansa na sukces” and it looks great, isn’t it?

So we might say that in the Polish Selection Laura proved that she can sing well live but of course stage is much much smaller than the one in Yerevan.

Well, three things have to be combined together: a very good song and great vocals live as well as staging.

Here we have adult backing vocalists that make a difference and I assume in Yerevan they won’t be present.

Although maybe this song is not so strong as Roksana Węgiel’s “Anyone I Want to Be”, Viki Gabor’s “Superhero” or Sara James’s “Somebody” and rumor has it that this is the Netherlands that is going to win this year’s Junior Eurovision and probably this year’s entry will not lead Poland to victory, I still believe that Laura can be really high in the final ranking.

There was also a live performance in the finale of the Voice of Poland with that final version of the song and Laura did very well. Let’s see a fragment.

Now let’s listen to an excerpt of the video of this revamped version (a bit different from the one from the National Selection).

It’s a kind of cosmic atmosphere in the video clip.

The video shows kids in a bit American like context. It’s a kind of school trip in which Laura takes part.

Very good choreography. And hopefully they will be able to reproduce that in Yerevan during the most important performance.

The slogan for the JESC 2022 is “Spin the Magic”. Does this song spin your magic?

In the end, I can only say once again: Well done, Laura! Congratulations, Poland!

Let’s hear it for Laura and the whole team!


And again thank you for emotions which carry weight, I assume, not only for the teenage audience.

I do believe her talent will carry Laura a long way.

Let me know what you think of this performance in the comments below.


Photo and video: YouTube

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