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Anastasia and Ranina - "Over the Sky" - JESC 2023

Anastasia & Ranina Represent Georgia at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023

Georogia’s selected its entry for the 21st Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which is held in Nice, France this year. It’s Anastasia and Ranina, who’ll perform “Over the Sky”.


Anastasia Vasadze was chosen to represent Georgia at the JESC 2023 after winning Ranina 2023 (Georgian young talent contest). What’s more, Anastasia will be accompanied on stage by Nikoloz and Oto, who were both finalists of Ranina 2023, performing together as “Ranina”.

“Over the Sky”

This song was created by Betkho and Mebo Nutsubidze. It will be performed in the Georgian and English languages.

Anastasia & Ranina – “Over the Sky”

What do we know about Anastasia?

Anastasia studies at St George’s International School. She attends ballet classes and enjoys playing football. Anastasia likes listening to Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Whitney Houston. In 2018 Anastasia won the children’s international competition Wonderland.

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