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ESC 2024 - Slogan - United by Music - text written in white with a view of the city in the background

‘UNITED BY MUSIC’ – Permanent ESC Slogan from Now On

The European Broadcasting Union and SVT have announced that ‘United by Music’ has been chosen as the slogan of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 and all of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contests.

‘United by Music’ was created by the BBC to reflect the unique partnership between the United Kingdom, Ukraine and the ESC 2023 Host City – Liverpool. This logo also demonstrates the power of music to bring people together around the world.

After a great success of the ESC 2023 logo, it was agreed by the Eurovision Song Contest Reference Group (the Contest governing board) and SVT to use ‘United by Music’ for the next Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden. Following this decision, it was decided to stick to this slogan for all future editions of the Eurovision Song Contest. This decision creates continuity and consistency for future Eurovision Song Contests.

The new permanent slogan will be a reminder of the mission of the Eurovision Song Contest and its ability to unite people through music. This also reflects Europe coming together for the contest.

The logo which will accompany the slogan for the 68th Eurovision Song Contest, will be released soon.

A history of the ESC logo

The first slogan for the ESC appeared in 2002 for the Estonian edition and since then a different slogan has been used at the event every year, except for 2009 when no slogan accompanied the Contest.

Here’s the list of all of the slogans that have been created to date.

Estonia, Tallinn 2002: A Modern Fairytale;

Latvia, Riga 2003: A Magical Rendez-vous;

Turkey, Istanbul 2004: Under the Same Sky;

Ukraine, Kyiv 2005: Awakening;

Greece, Athens 2006: Feel the Rhythm;

Finland, Helsinki: 2007: True Fantasy;

Serbia, Belgrade: 2008: Confluence of Sound;

Russia, Moscow: 2009: ——- (No slogan);

Norway, Oslo 2010: Share the Moment;

Germany, Düsseldorf 2011: Feel Your Heart Beat;

Azerbaijan, Baku 2012: Light Your Fire;

Sweden, Malmö 2013: We Are One;

Denmark, Copenhagen 2014: #JoinUs;

Austria, Vienna 2015: Building Bridges;

Sweden, Stockholm 2016: Come Together;

Ukraine, Kyiv 2017: Celebrate Diversity;

Portugal, Lisbon 2018: All Aboard!;

Israel, Tel Aviv 2019: Dare to Dream;

The Netherlands, Rotterdam 2020: Open Up;

The Netherlands, Rotterdam 2021: Open Up;

Italy, Turin 2022: The Sound of Beauty;

The United Kingdom, Liverpool 2023: United by Music.

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