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Slimane and the French flag in the background

Reaction/comment on Slimane – “Mon amour” – France | Eurovision Song Contest 2024

France wins the ESC 2024. True or false? Stay with me to the very end of this article to find out if this is possible.

“Mon amour”

The song that will represent France in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. This is “Mon amour” (that is “My Love” in English) by Slimane. This song received its premiere on 8th November 2023, so pretty early probably due to the fact that in November we have the JESC held in France, so maybe this song could be presented there to the public.

The first snippet.

Slimane – “Mon amour”

A delicate introduction to this ballad, with beautiful piano sounds in the background. I like the French language in songs – and I’m on the same page with those who claim that this language gives this extra ‘romantic’, passionate dimension to the song. Is this going to be a banger?

This French entry was chosen internally by the French broadcaster France 2.

This year’s song was written by Meïr Salah, Yaacov Salah and Slimane Nebchi himself.

A soothing lullaby is more likely to send us to sleep but not this one, I suppose.

I like the fact that Slimane beatifully builds up the stanza towards a bit stronger part later on. It’s done  in a delicate way.

And then we have stronger and stronger vocals but music actually stays almost the same, with ‘dominant piano. This is so passionate. I feel this passion in him, his voice. What about you guys?

And finally we’ve got this outro where he sings with the full po’  tential and the strongest vocals.

It reminds me a bit of Garou.

Slimane – “Mon amour”

What’s the song about?

It’s about ex-love, the relationship and his longing.

I like the staging, as it ‘harmonizes with the song and we have some more static elements and a bit of more movement towards the end of the song. I like Slimane’s blouse with those glittering pieces. It’s quite a common method of introducing some more atmos’pheric climate on the stage. This blouse reminds me of, among others, Dotter’s “Bulletproof” in the Melodifestivalen 2020.

I’m wondering if the staging will stay the same. I’d personally go for this version as it completes the song very well.

Is this going to be a massive hit? We’ll see. But, In all likelihood this entry is going to do well at the ESC 2024.

All in all, I’d say this is a very good performance with very good vocals.


As each juror is going to rank all the competing songs in each show based on the given criteria. I will assign points in the same categories (

– composition and originality of the song, 8 out of 10;

– quality of the performance on stage (hard to say because the national selection was not held this year, but there’s an official live performance available), 9 out of 10;

– vocal ca’pacity of the per’former(s), 10 out of 10;

– over’all impression of the act, 9 out of 10.

So the total is: 36 out of 40 that is 90%.

Will Slimane’s song lead him to victory with love? We’ll see if he will get the best result for France. To do that he would have to win the whole contest (as France has won the ESC five times to date; it was in 1958, 1960, 1962, 1969 and 1977).

In the end, I can only say: Well done, Slimane! Congratulations, France! One thing is certain, France will appear in the Grand Final because it’s the member of the so called ‘Big Five’ and they are directly in the Final and don’t have to make the cut and compete in the semi-finals.

What do the bookmakers say about the French entry? Well, at this moment (11th November 2023) it’s the only song that’s been presented to the public.

Let’s hear it for Slimane and the whole team!

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