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The vocalist on stage

Gåte – the Fourteenth Participant for Eurovision 2024

Norway’s chosen its representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, which takes place in Malmö, Sweden. It’s Gåte, who’ll represent their country, which is taking part in the ESC for the 62nd time.

The composition

The title of the song’s “Ulveham” and was created by Gunnhild SundliMagnus Børmark, Jon Even Schärer, Marit Jensen Lillebuen, Ronny Graff Janssen, Sveinung Ekloo Sundli. It’s sung in Norwegian. This song’s based on a traditional song that is over a thousand years old. For this reason, after the semi-final, the lyrics of the song had to be changed to comply with the Eurovision Song Contest regulations in case of winning.

You can watch an excerpt here:

Gåte – “Ulveham” – Norway | Eurovision Song Contest 2024

The procedure

The Norwegian ESC representative was chosen by the jury and the public. Gåte took 1st place in the public vote, receiving 174 points (27.4%). The jury placed them in 2nd place (giving the most points to Norway’s ESC 2019 representative Keiino), awarding a total of 76 points. This gave a total of 250 points.

What do we know about Gåte?

The band was formed in 1999 and is famous for combining Norwegian folk with electronics and metal. The group operated intermittently until 2010. The reactivation took place seven years ago, when the band with a new line-up went on a tour around Norway. The current lineup of the band is: Gunnhild Sundli, Magnus Børmark, Jon Even Schärer, Mats Paulsen and John Stenersen.

Eurovision Song Contest 2024

The Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Malmö, Sweden on Tuesday, 7th May (the First Semi-final), Thursday, 9th May (the Second Semi-final) and Saturday, 11th May (the Grand Final) 2024.

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