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Ochman’s “River” Live on Tape Version Published – ESC2022

Have you seen Ochman’s Eurovision performance prerecorded in Poland in case Krystian couldn’t perform it live on stage in Turin?

Each participant had to prepare such a version just in case they couldn’t perform live on stage due to the health issues (COVID-19 pandemic).

The Polish performance was recorded at the TVP studio in Warsaw.

Was it different? Similar? Better? Worse than the performance from Turin? Let’s find out (Watch the video:

In this version we can also see this kind of watery effect making the screen look covered with raindrops but one might say that there’s much more water than in the final performance in Italy. We might say that the rain is way more exposed than in the actual performance in Turin.

Krystian is also accompanied on stage by four dancers and their dance is pretty similar to the one from Italy except for of course the beginning as there’s only the main stage in this version. They appear in this performance later than in the final let’s say Italian version where we can see them from the very beginning of the show.

And we don’t have Krystian’s face exposed in the background here.

Once again we’ve got this kind of thunderstorm and some special effects resembling an earthquake and they are also longer and stronger here.

Well, the outfit is different in this version. The suit seems to be the same as in the official music video. By the way, Krystian wanted the performance to be as close as possible to the video clip.

Personally, I like more the version from the live performance in Italy. What about you?

The ending itself is different as well. In Italy we had the final shot from above the stage. Krystian looking upwards and dancers lying on stage in a kind of ‘x’ shape that could be identified thanks to this kind of shot.

So this is all still so emotional and Krystian’s voice is just mesmerizing here too. This doesn’t change at all.

Of course stage in Italy was much bigger and the vocals could be heard in a bit different way due to some special effects among others.

For me the performance from Turin is like more refined as there was more time to work on that and definitely much more potential as for the stage itself.

I don’t want to talk in this video about the final result because I mentioned that in my previous film on Ochman’s performance in the Grand Final.

Rumour has it that when you look close at Krystian singing, you can have an impression that this could be sung not live on stage but was prerecorded. What do you think? Was it 100% live as for singing? Or maybe this was partially natural playback, live playback, half playback or maybe special playback? Do you agree with that? Let me know in the comments below.

In the end, I can only say once again: Well done, Ochman! Congratulations, Krystian!

Let’s hear it for Krystian and the whole team!


And again thank you for wonderful emotions which carry weight for the audience.

I do believe his talent will carry Krystian a long way.

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