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Cornelia Jakobs – “Hold Me Closer” – Sweden – ESC 2022

Hey, Guys!

This is your Eurovisionary Voice calling!

Today we’re going to listen to the Swedish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, live performance.

This is “Hold Me Closer” by Cornelia  Jakobs whose full name actually is Anna Cornelia Jakobsdotter Samuelsson. She is a singer and songwriter. The song is in English.

Let’s listen to this composition (

Well, at first when I’ve heard Cornelia in this song her voice reminded me of Lana Del Rey.

And the way she’s sitting with her bare feet reminded me just a little bit of Michelle who represented the Netherlands in 2001 with her song “Out on My Own”.

And what’s more Cornelia’s hairstyle and blouse reminds me of Cyprus from 2021 and Elena’s ‘El Diablo’.

The song, the outfit and the whole performance are in this kind of musical style.

The whole staging is pretty nice on the one hand seems to be classic with this special wired microphone, on the other hand, original, maybe not too much is happening but at the same time it grabs your attention due to quite fast changes of the let’s say ‘takes’ and this holds your attention throughout her performance.

I enjoy the vocal part. I do like Cornelia’s voice.

And she seems to be very confident on stage that is so important in live performances.

The whole staging is just creating a nice picture.

Well, Well …  the jury and the public will decide. The bookmakers ( place the song in the  3rd place.

We’ll see if Cornelia will get the best result of Sweden that is of course the first place.

Can this be a winning song? Well, to be honest I’m not sure, but you never know – Sweden is usually a very strong contestant and this year it is like that as well. However, after Loreen’s Euphoria it’s not so easy to be the Swedish top of the top. Usually Sweden is pretty high in the jury’s voting but the audience don’t always agree with that.

My indicator of whether I like or not the song apart from goose pimples is just the willingness to listen to that once again. And in this case I’m willing to do so, but I haven’t diagnosed any goose pimples…?

 Good luck, Sweden! Best of luck, Cornelia!

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