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Ochman Beats Other ESC 2022 Artists Hands Down

Krystian Ochman (also known as Ochman), representing Poland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 with his song “River”, won all the polls carried out not only among his devoted Polish fans but also other Eurovision fans from all over the world. How did it happen? What are the detailed results? You’ll find the answers below.

The polls were conducted via different types of social media from Facebook (EurovisionaryVoice Group and other Groups connected with the ESC), Instagram to the  EurovisionaryVoice YouTube Channel from the 15th October 2022 to the last day of 2022 that is the New Year’s Eve (with more than 5,000 shares for some of the rounds). 

There were 10 rounds and the Finale in which Ochman was collated with one male voice from the ESC 2022 (a single vocalist or a band). People voted by leaving a comment or reaction on the basis of the images with stickers and descriptions.

The rounds with results are presented below:

The 1st Round

15-21/10/2022 Sam Ryder (UK) – Ochman

Result: 33 – 296

The 2nd Round

23-28/10/2022 Stefan (EST) – Ochman

Result: 35 – 135

The 3rd Round

30/10-4/11/2022Sheldon Riley (AUS) – Ochman           

Result: 11 – 109

The 4th Round

6-11/11/2022    Nadir Rustamli (AZE) – Ochman

Result: 32 – 83

The 5th Round

13-18/11/2022 WRS (ROM) – Ochman 

Result: 137 – 178

The 6th Round

20-25/11/2022 Jérémie Makiese (BEL) – Ochman          

Result: 38 – 145

The 7th Round

27/11-2/12/2022           Malik Harris (GER) – Ochman    

Result: 24 – 119

The 8th Round

4-9/12/2022      Mahmood & Blanco (ITA) – Ochman     

Result: 39 – 136

The 9th Round

11-16/12/2022 Marius Bear (SUI) – Ochman     

Result: 40 – 127

The 10th Round

18-23/12/2022 The Rasmus (FIN) – Ochman     

Result: 14 – 52

The Finale

26-31/12/2022 Kalush Orchestra (UKR) – Ochman         

Result: 44 – 191

1.15-21/10/2022Sam Ryder (UK) – Ochman33 – 296
2.23-28/10/2022Stefan (EST) – Ochman35 – 135
3.30/10-4/11/2022Sheldon Riley (AUS) – Ochman11 – 109
4.6-11/11/2022Nadir Rustamli (AZE) – Ochman32 – 83
5.13-18/11/2022WRS (ROM) – Ochman137 – 178
6.20-25/11/2022Jérémie Makiese (BEL) – Ochman38 – 145
7.27/11-2/12/2022Malik Harris (GER) – Ochman24 – 119
8.4-9/12/2022Mahmood & Blanco (ITA) – Ochman39 – 136
9.11-16/12/2022Marius Bear (SUI) – Ochman40 – 127
10.18-23/12/2022The Rasmus (FIN) – Ochman14 – 52
Finale26-31/12/2022Kalush Orchestra (UKR) – Ochman44 – 191

As you can observe Ochman won against all the artists in a given pair regardless of whether they finished above or below Krystian in the ESC 2022.

Surprisingly enough, the fiercest ‘battle’ was not between the Eurovision 2022 winner – Kalush Orchestra from Ukraine or Sam Ryder from the UK who came second in the ESC 2022 but against WRS from Romania, who finished 18th in the ESC 2022 and here, as it turned out, has a lot of supporters and is so popular among Eurovision Fans not only in Romania. WRS scored as many as 137 votes (the number that in some of other rounds could be the winning result). The lowest number of votes was cast in the round against The Rasmus from Finland and this doesn’t necessarily have to mean a smaller amount of The Rasmus’s popularity but the fact that the voting period coincided with the Christmas time being the holiday season.

All in all, as you can see Krystian Ochman gets a lot of attention and recognition not only from his great and devoted fans from Poland and whole Europe but also from the entire world from countries like Australia, South Africa, United States, Mexico or Philippines. What’s intriguing, although some might argue that the results don’t show a representative sample in comparison to the Eurovision Song Contest public but still the numbers show how many people are determined and at the same time want to devote their time to support Ochman as some of the rounds reached as many as about six thousand members of the audience.

What do you think of the results? Let us know in the comments below! ?

Who’s Ochman?

Ochman (Krystian Ochman born in 1999 in Melrose, MA, USA) is a Polish-American singer and songwriter.  He made a name for himself after winning the eleventh season of The Voice of Poland  (Michał Szpak’s team) and representing Poland with his song “River” in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in which he finished 12th that is the fifth best result ever for Poland. It’s worth a mention that Krystian is the famous Polish tenor Wiesław Ochman’s grandson.


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