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Loreen – “Tattoo” – Sweden | Eurovision Song Contest 2023 | Reaction/Comment

Have you seen the song which represents Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023? Is it going to be successful? Stay with me to the very end of this article and watch the video to find out if this entry’s going to win.

This is your EurovisionaryVoice calling! I present my reactions/comments here.

This time I’m going to show you my honest comment on the song that will represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. This is “Tattoo” by Loreen.

Let’s focus on the first snippet.

Well, frist things first. I’d say an intriguing introduction not only due to the great melody and sounds but also the picture we can see. Once again Loreen comes up with something original different something that hasn’t been presented before. This just grabs my attention and makes me glued to the TV screen.

The song was chosen by a combination of the jury and public voting. Loreen won in both categories and thus became the winner of Melodifestivalen 2023. And what do you think guys about this choice?

And this year’s song was created by, among others, the same team that created Loreen’s winning song “Euphoria” and actually one can say that you can hear that these two songs have similar vibes, which to be honest I just adore.

This song is just growing on me with every single note I hear and every single bit of video I see and keeps me involved all way long.

What genre is that? Well, it seems to be a combination of electropop, indie pop or even dance-pop.

And what’s the song about?

Well, the lyrics say: “I don’t wanna go But baby, we both know, This is not our time

It’s time to say goodbye.” I don’t think this needs any explanation.

But then it goes “I don’t care about the pain, I’ll walk through fire and through rain, Just to get closer to you, You’re stuck on me like a tattoo”, so the Artist promises she’ll do whatever it takes to get back to the person she is directing her words to. There’s some hope for them then.

The song builds up towards a very strong chorus where Loreen’s voice is getting stronger and stronger.

This all adds up here – the artist with her vocals and the whole staging with these two platforms (now called by fans “Loreen’s box” or sandwiches). It looks and sounds so powerful. I have similar feelings to those when I heard “Euphoria” for the 1st time. This is my winner this year as “Euphoria” was in 2012.

As the rehearsals have already started, I can refer to them and now we know that due to some technical limitations those platforms from Melodifestivalen 2023 have to be replaced by smaller ones and I have to admit that they don’t seem so impressive on stage as in the National Selection but hopefully, they will be presented on TV in the way they were shown in Sweden.

And I keep my fingers crossed for Loreen that everything will go well during the performance and there won’t be any problems with smoke (as it was in the National Selection final performance when Loreen couldn’t be seen for a while) or as it was in 2012 in the dress rehearsal, so called jury rehearsal, when Loreen choked on the fake snow falling from above and she had to cough it out ommiting some high sounds she was supposed to produce. Some say that incident made her sing the next part of the song even in a more dramatic way than the original version due to those problems.

I also hope that no one will disturb her performance as it was in Sweden.

All in all, I’d say this is an excellent performance with great vocals.

As each juror is going to rank all the competing songs based on the given criteria, I will also assign points in the same categories (

– composition and originality of the song, 10 out of 10;

– quality of the performance on stage, 10 out of 10;

– vocal capacity of the performer(s), 10 out of 10;

– overall impression of the act, 10 out of 10.

So the total is: 40 out of 40 that is 100%.

Will Loreen’s song lead her tattooed to victory? We’ll see if she will get the best result for Sweden. To do that she would have to win the whole contest (as the best result for Sweden so far has been the 1st place in the Grand Final; it happened six times. It was in 1974, 1984, 1991, 1999, 2012 (it was Loreen herself) and 2015.

In the end, I can only say: Well done, Loreen! Congratulations, Sweden! I’m sure this song will qualify for the Grand Final and I hope Loreen will win this year’s Eurovision Song Contest because this is the best song and performance in the field.

What do the bookmakers say about the Swedish entry? At this moment (6th May 2023) it’s in 1st place in the Grand Final and 1st place in the semi-final on and in all probability, it will be successful in Liverpool, I mean this song can gain victory in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

Let’s hear it for Loreen and the whole team!

Let me know what you think of this performance in the comments below. I encourage you to watch my previous videos about the Eurovision Song Contest.

Thank you for reading my article and watching my video!


Photo and video: YouTube

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