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Doda Stops the Interview and Leaves the Studio. Why? Because of These 3 Questions?

It’s Friday, 21st October 2022 – Dorota Rabczewska, aka Doda (Polish National Selection 2017 (guest), OGAE Song Contest 2022 – “Fake Love”  is a guest in the Wojewódzki (juror in the “Polish Idol”, “Poland’s Got Talent”) & Kędzierski (radio presenter) radio programme. The conversation finishes quickly because the singer leaves the studio offended. The interviewers now have explained what happened.

Podcast by Wojewódzki & Kędzierski has recently become very popular as they are visited by many prominent figures like, for example Robert Lewandowski. On Friday they were visited by a famous Polish singer, who’s promoting her new (8th) album “Aquaria” (btw, with extremely good songs), but the interview finished after twenty minutes because Doda left the studio. What happened?

As you can see in the photo they all seem to be positive, but make no mistake about it, this photo was taken before the interview.

It turns out that Doda was asked questions among others about her conflicts with other Polish celebrities and issues that took place around 15 years ago. Some sources state that Doda felt lured by trickery with the aim of promoting her album but in the end the reporters devoted to that aspect just a little time.

She is said to have felt humiliated and that’s why she left the studio. She also clearly stated that none of the interview fragments can be broadcast. Doda is said to be a different person now and isn’t going to fight with reporters which was the main reason behind her leaving the studio.

The audience didn’t have to wait too long for Kuba Wojewódzki’s reaction. Mr Wojewódzki doesn’t feel guilty. He claims that the interview wasn’t meant to be a ‘hen party’, but a meeting with reporters.

Kuba Wojewódzki in a way sheds light on the whole issue stating that Doda as a person supporting LGBT+ community in the past used words like ‘nancy’ and other insults in a vulgar way, also towards him.

He also stated that as a person organizing concert “Artists Against Hatred” Doda used to have many fights with other celebrities like among others: Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak, née Szulim, Tomasz Makowiecki, and some verbal fights with celebrities in the Polish “Stars Dance on Ice” where appeared as one of the jurors.

Kuba Wojewódzki finished with asking a question if he is to ‘worship’ Doda’s new album forgetting about the dark sides in her biography.

After almost three weeks Kuba Wojewódzki at his Facebook profile published the whole interview transcript. We can learn from that in what atmosphere the interview was held. The whole issue started with a question about Doda’s alleged fight with Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak (since then Doda hasn’t been invited to TVN (one of the Polish private television stations where Agnieszka Szulim works)). Then she was asked a question about her ex-husband, Emil Stępień (with whom Dorota Rabczewska cooparted in the production of a film “Girls to Buy” (Polish: “Dziewczyny z Dubaju”)) suggesting that she was involved in his illegal business. And finally during questions about the latest show “Doda’s 12 Steps to Love” the interview got even more emotional and despite the fact that Dorota Rabczewska was offered a short break, she decided to leave the studio for good. And that’s the end of story.

What do you think of this situation? Was Doda’s decision right?





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  1. Moim zdaniem Doda z tak wysokim IQ mogla o wiele bardziej inteligentnie zareagowac. Ale to byla jej decyzja, postanowila wyjsc i wyszla?.

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