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TVORCHI – “Heart of Steel” – Ukraine | Eurovision Song Contest 2023 | Reaction/Comment

Have you seen TVORCHI’s Vidbir 2023 performance? If yes, in the video above I’ll share with you my comments, and tell me if you agree and have the same opinion or you disagree; so stay with me to the end of this video. If you didn’t see that performance, stay with me as well because you can find out how TVORCHI perform live and if it is another winning song for Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest.

This time I’m going to show you my honest reaction and give my well-thought-out comment on the song that will represent Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

Is this entry going to be successful? Is it going to be a winning song? Let’s find out.

The whole contest was organized in the underground station in Kyiv due to the Russian invasion – the fact that itself introduces the original and one and only atmosphere.

A very strong electonic intro. It’s like air-raid alert, makes a good but a bit scary impression. We can see screaming faces in the background and in the middle a shape of a cross. This intro is as if preparing you for sth to come in the chorus. It’s just building up to sth bigger.

It might be said by some people to be a bit aggressive at the beginning “stick your middle finger up in the air” but probably we all know to whom it is shown, don’t we? ? Isn’t it justified guys?

Lyrics appear on the screen for some part of the song and this is as if being shouted at the audience, crowd and someone – open to interpretation. That makes a good impression.

In the very beginning it is hard to name quickly what genre this song represents but I’d say that the music is more electronic while the voice is more R and B. The beat is very strong repeated throughout the whole song.

Probably it’s the Vidbir2023’s winner because it stands out from the rest of the songs and it’s likely to do the same in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in the UK – stand out of course. To win? I don’t know. It depends on the rest of the field. IMHO, this song has nothing to do with the traditional Ukrainian music and sounds but has a lot of connotations with the present situation of Ukraine with reference to their eastern neighbour – Russia and the whole war context.

The beginning with not too strong vocals but definitely with powerful music. I’d say it’s moody and melodic at the same time. A modern, radio hit with a lot of potential.

When I hear the lyrics “Sometimes,…, Sometimes,…” it reminds me of the Belgian entry from 2022 “Sometimes I feel bad, Sometimes I feel down, Sometimes I booze, Sometimes I fall, Sometimes I do wrong.” I like those background sounds giving the song like a kind of deeper sound, massive beat.

It’s so different from the last year’s Ukraininan entry and from previous years as well.  It’s more British or American style. Intriguing. This song has this R and B styling. Yes, this year Eurovision is in the UK and probably we all expect sth like that from good songs, don’t we? It seems to be a clever move – the second consecutive win for Ukraine. Possible? Well, maybe but I’m not convinced. We’ll see what other countries will propose.

Some people complain about this song that it’s of this American style in English and as we observe what is happening in Ukraine now it should be in the Ukrainian language representing their culture. But I feel this song with all these colours on stage, the beat, groove, this is just a war scene for me.

Maybe vocals are not much stronger in the chorus or even weaker than in stanzas but yes sth built in stanzas is being ‘resolved’ in the chorus. What is it? Everyone can name it by themselves.

In the chorus there’s a kind of overdubbing in the background and probably it is what some complaints after the show were about that it was against the rules.

What’s more, the finalist of the National Selection Marina Krut complained about the TVORCHI group because they released their song “Heart Of Steel” by the French label “Believe”, which continues to work in Russia. But as it was stated 5 out of 10 participants in the final of Vidbir 2023 collaborated with the Believe company, and Krut herself worked until recently. It was claimed that this was not a violation of the rules.

Some viewers complain that the vocals could be stronger and maybe even more dramatic but wasn’t it done on purpose? We don’t know. Or maybe it is what TVORCHI are capable of doing. And that’s it. We’ll see in Liverpool if they can deliver sth else as for vocals.

Some complain about the chorus that is difficult to differentiate from other parts of the song but you can evaluate it on your own. Do you agree with that?

Some viewers not only see Ukraine outside TOP 3, but even outside TOP 10. To be honest, I’m not sure what the future holds for them. If the jury go with them, TVORCHI can finish really high in the final ranking if not to win the whole contest.

The performance is for sure different from other Ukrainian entries, and other countries’ so far, insane, intriguing but I’m not sure if I feel connection with this song I still have to experiment with it in a way. What about you guys?

The title heart of steel appers on vocalist’s chest where actually his hearts belongs to him. The title itself is telling a lot, isn’t it? Such a strong heart that cannot get lost in the face of adversity?

Strong sounds which I like and the vocalist standing before the cross as if he was to be crucified – this reminds me of Madonna’s performances with crosses at different periods of her career.

Then we have those two figures appearing behind the vocalist in sth that seems to be gas masks – very meaningful.

Those two figures are playing with two balls which have symbols resembling those symbols of radioactive materials evidently suggesting playing with it. A clear reference to the political situation?

Leave a comment and tell me if you like the song.

Then we have in the background radioactive symbols that are crossed and seem to be porhibted this way.

In the end, the Ukrainian flag’s colours appear and repeated phrase ‘heart of steel’ – referring to whose hearts? Do I have to answer this question?

All in all, good deep vocals, strong music. But I have mixed feelings. This song has this flow, but when I listen to it, I get as if down, tired, and maybe it’s this song’s objective to make you feel like the Ukrainians might feel now – oppressed.

A bit stronger vocals will make this song a complete masterpiece of modern R and B music with a message.

If they are to achieve the best result for Ukraine ever, they would have to win and this would be Ukraine’s fourth victory, and the second consecutive win.

In the end, I can only say once again: Well done, Tvorchi! Congratulations, Ukraine! I assume this song might be high in the jury ranking in the final. As for the public – I don’t know, but I do hope every single viewer will judge the song justly and fairly.

As promised I’ll tell you now what the bookmakers say about the Ukrainian entry. At this moment it’s said to be the winning song with 20% winning chance (1st January 2023).

Let’s hear it for Tvorchi and the whole team!

Let me know what you think of this performance in the comments below. I encourage you to watch my previous videos about the Eurovision Song Contest, where I comment on rehearsals and final performances. Click now on the end screen, and it will redirect you to those videos.

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