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Ochman – “River” – Poland – Grand Final – Eurovision Song Contest 2022

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We’re going to analyse Ochman’s performance in the Grand Final.

We can see a kind of watery effect making the screen look covered with raindrops.

Krystian is accompanied on stage by four dancers. And as I said in my previous videos, they represent those demons of stress, fears, anxiety.

Krystian is in the central part of the stage with the dancers who are initially on stage B and then using the so-called ‘catwalks’ they finally join Krystian.

During the song those rain effects intensify and then we’ve got a kind of thunderstorm and some special effects resembling an earthquake.

And the audience reacted during the song with enthusiasm. This says a lot.

Finally, the dancers get closer to Krystian, they push him a little bit and this is just a kind of reference to the video clip.

The ladies fall down as if they were tamed which could be a positive outcome of this kind of battle.

So this is all so emotional and Krystian’s voice is just mesmerising.

This is just a feast for the eyes, ears and the soul.

So the jury and the public decided. Ochman, Poland finished twelfth in the Grand Final.

In televoting Poland was in the 9th position, in the jury voting Poland finished fourteenth.

As for the odds, at after the second semi- final before the final results Poland was predicted to finish in the 7th position.

Well done, Ochman! Congratulations, Poland!

Let’s hear it for Krystian and the whole team!


And thank you for wonderful emotions.

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