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Joker Out Represents Slovenia at ESC2023 with “Carpe Diem”

Slovenia will be represented by a rock band Joker Out with a song “Carpe Diem”. Have you seen this song which represents Slovenia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023? Is it going to be successful? Stay with me to the very end of this article and watch my video to find out if this entry’s going to win.

This time I’m going to show you my honest comment on the song “Carpe Diem” by Joker Out.

The song was selected through an internal selection by Radiotelevizija Slovenia.

“Carpe Diem” has a nice beginning – camera getting closer to the band. Quite a delicate intro as for the rock band.

The song is presented in the native language with a universal title in Latin: “Carpe Diem” which means “Seize the Day”. We’ll see how they’re going to seize their day.

Quite a rythmical ‘beat’ making you feel like dancing or at least swaying to the rhythm of the song.

Young delicate vocals with backing vocalists hitting higher notes. A bit of so called “conversational style”. You can hear the explicit sound of the guitar and the drums as it should be in the rock band.

Colourful outfits in a kind of retro syle with those colourful shirts and the lead vocalist’s pink trousers in the first place. There’s a lot of fresh young energy which I do like here. And it all adds up, especially bearing in mind the band’s name: Joker Out. This all seems to be just coherent.

All in all, I’d say this is a decent performance in a bit retro style but still contemporary.

We’ll see if Joker Out will get the best result for Slovenia. Will they seize the day at Eurovision 2023? To do that they would have to finish at least 6th (as the best result for Slovenia so far has been the 7th place; it was in 1995 and 2001).

In the end, I can only say: Well done, Joker Out! Congratulations, Slovenia! I assume this song might qualify to the final but as this year only the viewers vote in the semi-finals, you never know.

What do the bookmakers say about the Slovenian entry? At this moment (12th February 2023) it’s in the 30th place.

Let’s hear it for Joker Out and the whole team!

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