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Alika – “Bridges” – Estonia | Eurovision Song Contest 2023 | Reaction/Comment

Have you seen the Estonian National Selection 2023 winning performance? Is it going to be successful? Stay with me to the very end of this article and watch the video to find out if this entry’s going to win.

Hello, Guys!

This is your EurovisionaryVoice calling! I present my reactions/comments here.

This time I’m going to show you my honest comment on the song that will represent Estonia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. This is “Bridges” by Alika.

The song was chosen by a combination of the jury and public voting. Alika won in both categories and thus became the winner of the Eesti Laul 2023.

Let’s watch the first snippet.

A nice beginning with a piano, the sound which I love. Btw, this is a self-playing piano which can be a poisitive factor in grabbing viewers’ attention. These sounds directly remind me of Sanna Nielsen’s “Undo”.

A confident voice getting stronger and stronger with great vibrato and then it’s getting softer in some parts.

OK. We go into the inner parts of the grand piano. ? And Alika starts playing it. A nice move but one might ask why to play it if the instrument plays itself. Of course in Liverpool the instruments won’t be played live.

Backing vocals make a difference here – they add this delicate flow to this song. All getting a little bit of musical or theatrical vibes.

Alika sings:

“There is always time

To get back on track

Tearing down the walls” True, true – do you agree? But if you wait too long you can miss the train, can’t you?

In the bridge the artist hits higher notes but still, I have an impression, safe in her comfort zone.

And finally we have this head register for a while. Still her voice sounds confident and powerful and all this seems to be under control.

Alika makes this move with her hands that can be remembered and get stuck in viewer’s minds.

This song and staging remind me a little bit of last year’s Greek entry.

All in all, I’d say this is a very good performance both visually and vocally. However, the question is if this song will stand out from the other songs.

Will Alika’s bridges take her to the victory? We’ll see if Alika will get the best result for Estonia. To do that she would have to win the whole contest (as the best result for Estonia so far has been the 1st place; it was in 2001).

In the end, I can only say: Well done, Alika! Congratulations, Estonia! I assume this song will qualify to the final.

What do the bookmakers say about the Estonian entry? At this moment (19th February 2023) it’s in the 19th place.

Let’s hear it for Alika and the whole team!

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Photo and video: YouTube

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