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Reiley – “Breaking My Heart” – Denmark | Eurovision Song Contest 2023 | Reaction/Comment

Have you seen the Danish National Selection 2023 winning performance? Is it going to be successful? Stay with me to the very end of this article and watch the video to find out if this entry’s going to win.

Hello, Guys!

This is your EurovisionaryVoice calling! I present my reactions/comments here.

This time I’m going to show you my honest comment on the song that will represent Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. This is “Breaking My Heart” by Reiley.

The song was chosen by a combination of the jury and public voting. Reiley won the jury votes while he came second in the public voting and thus became the winner of the Melodi Grand Prix 2023.

Well, well, the  beginning of the song is, I’d call it, abrupt. You start the video and there are quick vocals directed at you. The title heart is behind the artist and is being broken while the singer is starting to hit higher notes.

Camera is getting further and further from Reiley showing a bigger picture of him and the stage. There’s some vocal effect put in the chorus on Reiley’s vocals. And actually his singing looks as if it was a kind of playback. Or maybe the national performance available online has got studio vocals added to the live performance video. Or maybe this is just a Voice Encoder?

Reiley’s real name is Rani Petersen. And this 25-year-old guy was born on the Faroe Islands.

Everything looks so, I’d say, light; like his clothes, a pink bomber jacket, some pink hearts on his trousers and his delicate high vocals and him moving in a kind of ‘light’ way. As for the vocals he moves from the chest to head voice and backwards. All this seems to be contemporary, modern appealing to the young audience above all. By the way, he’s so popular on TikTok as well. The lyrics though seem to be quite pessimistic at times, but so is the title. As for the genre, the whole song seems to be a kind of electropop.

And finally, Rani making a symbol of, probably, a flower on one of the dancers back with spray. Why?

All in all, I’d say this is a decent performance both visually and vocally. However, I have to admit that as for the vocals it’s hard to say what he will deliver in Liverpool as I’m not sure about the, let’s say, source of his vocals in the video available online.

Will Reiley make his fans’ hearts happy without breaking them? We’ll see if he will get the best result for Denmark. To do that he would have to win the whole contest (as the best result for Denmark so far has been the 1st place thrice; it was in 1963, 2000 and 2013).

In the end, I can only say: Well done, Reiley! Congratulations, Denmark! I assume this song will qualify to the final.

What do the bookmakers say about the Danish entry? At this moment (19th February 2023) it’s in the 27th place.

Let’s hear it for Reiley and the whole team!

Let me know what you think of this performance in the comments below. I encourage you to read my other articles watch my previous videos about the Eurovision Song Contest.

Thank you for reading my article and watching my video!

I’ll be back soon.

Bye, Guys! ?


Photo and video: YouTube

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