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Justin Timberlake singing

The Power of Music

Authors: Julia Niciejewska & Julia Zdrach

Have you ever wondered what life without music would be like? It’s hard to imagine, because music has been in our lives practically forever and has become our everyday life. It helps us to calm down, relax and motivates to act. Singers and songwriters try to convey their feelings and insights about life through their songs. I think that’s what Justin Timberlake has in mind as well.

Justin’s first major step towards fame was to form a boy band with his friends called NSYNC. This event certainly had an impact on his further music career, because just a few years later, when he set his sights on an independent career, he won a Grammy Award. The following years of his career developed in him musical sensitivity, which is a great positive aspect in the artist’s work, because thanks to that the author is able to combine music with their emotions and their works affect us with increased force. We believe that thanks to this Justin was able to sing as a guest at such a prestigious event as the Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final. The event took place on 14th May, 2016, in Stockholm, Sweden. He premiered his single “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” and sang another song “Rock Your Body”.

Justin Timberlake – “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” (Eurovision Song Contest)

During the performance, he infected the audience with his energy and people began to sing and dance with him. In his songs, he encouraged people to dance and sing, which he was able to achieve through his talent. That’s the impact that music and singers should have on our lives.

All in all, Justin’s vocals are perfect and stunning, which is why many people listen to him with great pleasure. What is certain is that he has made history. What do you think about Justin Timberlake’s work?

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