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Blanka – “Solo” – Poland | Grand Final ESC 2023 | Reaction/Comment

Have you seen Blanka’s performance in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023? Was it successful? Stay with me to the very end of this article and watch the video to find it out.

This time I’m going to show you my honest comment on Blanka’s Grand Final performance. In this video I’ll focus on Blanka’s final result and some changes made in Blanka’s performance after the semi-final. Have you noticed them?

Let’s focus on the first snippet.

The first change planned or accidental, hard to say, is the very beginning, I mean the clapperboard, where the dancer is not smiling so much and is less visible than in the semi-final. To be honest, I prefer the semi-final version. Maybe it was just done by accident, or because of cameraman’s work or the dancer just did it spontaneously in a different way.

The second change is one of the dancer’s moves behind Blanka – planned or spontaneous. Maybe the one from the semi-final was seen as too ‘brave’? I hope not.

The third change is about, let’s call them, ‘cable problems’, I mean loose cables round one of the dancer’s waist. By the way, isn’t it the same guy who accompanied Viki Gabor in her winning performance in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019. What do you think guys?

One more difference is connected with Blanka’s hair which went back behind her shoulder and she had to adjust it singing: “Show you what it is you’re missing out” and actually this adds up here very well. Or was it done on purpose?

And the final change is the last picture we see. Blanka doesn’t finish with this diva/model like posture but is addressing the audience saying “I love you all. Thank you”. Well, I believe this was a good move because the semi-final posture could be interpreted in different ways, not always positive.

Of course you watch the performance for the second time so the reception is a bit different, maybe less surprising because you know what to expect. Apart from that the other aspects of the performance seem to be similar to the semi-final version. If you want to learn about it, watch my previous video about Blanka’s performance.

And it’s worth mentioning that Blanka with Her Team were quite often shown on the TV screen because they’re were sitting behind Loreen who won the whole contest for the second time. This time with her “Tattoo”.

Now let’s move on to the analysis of Blanka’s result.

Blanka, as I mentioned in my previous video, first was predicted to finish 24th before the semi-final, then after the semi – 17th. And after the final Blanka was said to finish 12th, and then 11th (on So the bookmakers saw the potential of the performance.

Finally, Blanka finished 19th and it’s the 10th best result for Poland.

Well, this doesn’t seem to be a great achievement but if we go into details, then we see that it’s quite a decent result if we look at the public voting because Poland finished 8th in the viewer’s voting, scoring 81 points, receiving 12 points from Ukraine. In the jury voting, as expected, Blanka’s song was not popular and finished 24th (the only points Poland got was from Ukraine (I suppose you remember that last year Poland didn’t get a single point from the Ukrainian jury), Romania, Israel, Armenia and Belgium).

As for the semi-final – Blanka finished third which is the best result of Poland in the semi-finals ever. Congratulations, Blanka! Poland got twelve points twice: from Lithuania and Ukraine.

All in all, I’d say this is a very good performance with decent vocals.

In the end, I can only say: Well done, Blanka! Well done, Blanka’s Team! Congratulations, Poland!

Let’s hear it for Blanka and the whole team!

Let me know what you think of this performance in the comments below. I encourage you to watch my previous videos about the Eurovision Song Contest.

Thank you for reading my article and watching my video!


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