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Arhanna is sittnig at the piano. She represent Estonia in the JESC 2023.

Arhanna Represents Estonia at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023

Estonia’s selected its entry for the 21st Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which takes place in Nice, France this year. It’s Arhanna, who’ll perform her song “Hoiame kokku” (Stick together). It’s Estonia’s debut in the Junior Eurovision.


Arhanna was chosen internally to represent Estonia for the first in the JESC 2023 as the winner of the Estonian talent show Tähtede Lava.

“Hoiame kokku”

The song “Hoiame kokku” was created by Arhanna herslef, Leelo Tungal, Rael Laikre and Karl-Ander Reismann, who created many songs for the Estonian National Selections.

What do we know about Arhanna?

Arhanna, whose full name is: Arhanna Sandra Arbma, is eleven years old and comes from the city of Räpina. She started singing at the age of 5 and learns to play the piano as well.

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